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Anyone driven by a desire to soar can take flight! Our skilled professionals at Twilight Aviation are here to assist you in unlocking your potential and embarking on a journey into the Aviation Industry.



The spiritual motto of Twilight Aviation is to support aspiring students in swiftly entering the aviation industry at a reduced cost. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality training and ensuring the highest standard of living for our trainee pilots. Annually, we train approximately 100 pilots, Cabin Crew and Ground Handlers all of whom find placement in the continuously expanding aviation sector.

Who we are?

As a group of pilots, we developed an initiative to help aspiring aviators reduce their training expenses and ease the financial strain on students and their families. Our main goal is to promote growth. We provide students with cost-effective training and offer all additional services free of charge.

What we do ?

  • Stage 1 - Ground Classes
  • Stage 2 - CPL / Multi Engine / Instrument Rating
  • Stage 3 - Instructor Rating
  • Stage 4 - DGCA License Conversion
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