Flight Dispatcher

Flight dispatchers co-ordinate all activities on the ground at an airport to ensure the safe, quick and efficient turnaround of aircraft from when they land to the time they depart. They are also known as turn around co-ordinators (TCOs) or load controllers.

What Does an Aircraft Dispatcher Do ?
When people think about air travel, most think that when they fly they are in the hands of their pilot. While this is true, a flight crew cannot fly without the help of a team of people on the ground. An aircraft dispatcher makes airline operations work and ensures that both pilots and their passengers are able to travel safely to their destination. Flight plans, safety guidelines, and weather patterns are all part of the work performed by a dispatcher, but many wonder what exactly a flight dispatcher does while on the job. If you are considering a field in aviation, then read on to see if a dispatcher is the right job for you.

Weather Monitoring
One of the important things to consider for safety for flying is weather. Flight Dispatcher does weather monitoring and produces a detailed report for pilots.

Flight Planning
• Divert
• Cancel
• Delay
• Change

Together with the captain and all of the pertinent information needed, a dispatcher sees what needs to happen and gets it done.

• Pass is in +2 (Higher secondary)
• Be atleast 18 years of age
• Good communication skills

The Flight Dispatcher may have the authority to delay, divert or cancel the flight at any time and the flight may not able to be released without the signature of both Pilot and Flight Dispatcher again.

Course structure
• Flight dispatching : DGCA Commercial Pilot License exam classes and Radio license classes for 5 months (biggest advantage to directly get placed as assistant Flight dispatchers)
• Communication class along with the other subjects
• Interview preparation classes for 7days

Career Opportunities
• Flight Dispatch
• Load and trim
• Other technical flight operations

We provide atleast 10 airline interviews to our students which will allow them to easily get placed in one of the departments. We have placed more than 100 students soo far and many more on the way!

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