Ground Operations Handling

This course widens the scope of getting job in one of the many departments of airlines and airport. The students are trained and groomed for Ground operations

The Airport Ground Handling is one of the courses which we provide. This course provides all information from the basic about the airline industry.

Generally Airport Ground Handling includes a wide variety of airport and airline ground operation departments both technical and non technical.

Some of the departments :
• Maintenance
• Fuelling
• Cargo handling
• Passenger’s safety services
• Airport security
• Air ticketing
• Load and trim
• Ramp operations and many more
• Flight dispatching (excluded)

• Pass is in +2 (Higher secondary)
• Be atleast 18 years of age
• Good communication skills

Course Structure
Ground handling and grooming will be conducted for 5 months Interview preparation classes for 7days

Career Opportunities
• Ramp Services
• Passenger Service
• Baggage Handling
• Air ticketing
• Cabin Service
• Aviation Security
• Customer Support Executive
• Catering Services
• Cargo Handling
• Fire and Safety

We provide atleast 10 airline interviews to our students which will allow them to easily get placed in one of the departments. We have placed more than 100 students soo far and many more on the way !

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