• There is no strict rules in South Africa for Work Permit.
• Students Can work as flight instructors as long as they want and get well paid.
• Lot of other flying Jobs like crop spraying, Cloud seeding, Tourism Flying, Sky diving pilots and many more opportunities are available for International Students.


Flight instructors who meet either of the following criteria may be issued work permits :

• The applicant has completed a flight-training course at a Canadian training centre and has obtained a Canadian commercial pilot’s licence;
• The applicant has obtained, or is in the process of obtaining, an instructor’s rating and has received an offer of employment as a flight instructor from a flight training centre.

Applicants providing either of the below documents will be issued an open work permit, valid for 3 years, if the flight-training course was at least two years, or valid for the length of their flight training studies in Canada, if between eight months and two years. Flight training under eight months does not qualify a student for the work permit.

• lots of other charter and sea plane career opportunities are also available to international students.
• International Students after getting PR can apply to any flying jobs.


Stay back is mostly not permitted to International Flight school students.