About Us

One of the Leading Aviation Schools in India

Twilight Aviation vision is to guide aspiring pilots to achieve their goal. Guiding our students towards the facts and making them understand the pros and cons help them to work in the most efficient way to reach their goals in a short time. We promise the best ground training and flight training for our students. In order to facilitate that , a routine evaluation of the facilities and faculty are organized.

Different countries have different requirements for CPL, those are carefully analyzed and a custom designed training is given to the students as per their country's requirements. Ground school subjects are taught keeping universal standards in mind.

Safety is our first priority. Aircraft used to train our students are carefully inspected regularly and kept above all the airworthiness standards of any country. Our partner schools have some of the best aircraft maintenance team to ensure safety.

Standard of living is equally important to us, student's accommodation provided is one among the best in any country. Regular cleaning and maintenance is done to ensure hygiene.

We provide excellent loan and visa services for our students. Confidence in what we do has gotten us further in the race which always has created a positive atmosphere in our institute. Our students are always smiling and happy to visit us even after they graduate and flying for airlines. This is what we consider as success. Keeping the students and team happy is what Twilight does.

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