Cabin Crew

Cabin crew consisting of flight attendants carry out the instructions given by pilots or co-pilots outside the cockpit. They are also in charge of the safety and comfort of passengers on a flight, and they inform the passengers when necessary.To be an Air Hostess, a student can opt for either certificate, diploma or degree course after the 12th. A student also needs various skills like confidence, patience, teamwork, good communication and a good and pleasing personality.

Twilight has a well studied methodology to train and groom students for Cabin crew. Our trainers are well experienced and have a lot hours flying.

Career Opportunities :
• Cabin Crew

• Pass is in +2 (Higher secondary)
• Be atleast 18 years of age
• Good communication skills

Course Structure
• Cabin Crew course and grooming will be conducted for 6 months
• Communication class along with the other subjects
• Interview preparation classes for 7days

We provide atleast 10 airline interviews to our students which will allow them to easily get placed in one of the departments. We have placed more than 100 students soo far and many more on the way !

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